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  • Two hours after your tattoo is finished, you can remove the bandage AT HOME. No public restrooms, etc. Leaving the bandage on slightly longer is OK, if you are out. Lots of color pigment and scary bio goo in the bandage is normal. DON’T FREAK OUT. 

  • Wash your hands, then wash the tattoo gently with liquid hand soap, using your BARE HAND under warm water. Pat dry with a fresh paper towel and let it breathe for 10-15 minutes. 

  • Apply a minimal amount of AQUAPHOR to your tattoo. Usually, a blob about the size of a pea will cover a hand sized tattoo. Once the entire surface of the tattoo has a bit on there, dab at the surface of your skin with a fresh dry paper towel and light pressure. Do this until the Aquaphor appears to be gone. It takes an invisibly thin layer of the stuff. Excess can prolong healing times and fade colors. You will apply Aquaphor in this way about four timesper day for the next four days. ( Just remember “4X4” Method ).

  • THE FIRST DAY: If any bits of liquid plasma appear on your tattoo, just dab them off with a fresh dry paper towel. Your skin thinks you just got your ask kicked and it may be attempting to form a scab. 

  • THE FIRST NIGHT: Right before going to bed, wrap your tattoo with plastic wrap and secure it with first aid tape. Immediately upon getting up in the morning, remove this wrapping, wash, and continue your “4X4” method. You will NOT bandage your tattoo again.  

  • AFTER THE “4X4”: Around day 5, your tattoo will probably start itching, flaking, and generally looking gnarly. Don't freak out. Get yourself some FRAGERENCE-FREE hand lotion and rub it in until it's gone. 

  • Don't panic if you've had a reaction to your aftercare product. You may be sensitive to one of the ingredients. Although not a major problem, it does happen. The skin can react in a few ways, from redness, to irritable itchy skin, to white pimple like spots. If this occurs, stop using your aftercare product. Lightly wash off the remaining product from your skin. A reaction to a product should settle down within 24-72 hours. If you are still experiencing a problem after 14 days, it would be doubtful that the aftercare product was to blame, and it may be a reaction to the ink. This is possible even if you have been previously tattooed without any problems. (Should this occur, contact the studio for advice from the artist). It may also mean a visit to your physician if the problem persists. 

Tattoos generally flake for about 2 weeks. It’s a sign that your skin is just about finished healing. 

Most problems or irritations occur from:

  • Scratching or itching a new tattoo

  • Tanning or swimming before the tattoo is healed

  • Using inappropriate amounts or types of aftercare products

In rare cases, clients may experience discoloration surrounding the tattoo, excessive discharge, compromised integrity of the skin due to infection. If any of these symptoms appear, promptly consult a health care provider.

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not submerge your sweet new tattoo underwater for two weeks. (Normal showers are fine, no baths or swimming) 

  • Do not expose your sweet new tattoo to the sun for long periods of time. (5 minutes isn't going to hurt anything)

  • Never go tanning again. It's bad for you. 

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